Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sketches + Lifedrawing adventures.

Oh, hey!  My name is Jei and I do art sometimes that's about it.  I live in the Midwest and carry around a bag full of markers and a ukulele case.

So, this is a sketchblog, but it's also a place for me to ramble about Gjerde Sha (this comic!) which I color in my very spare time.  If you guys (you few readers, you) have any questions about that comic or anything you want me to draw, just let me know.  Otherwise, here is some brain vomit/drool for you.

This kid is named David and he's pretty cool so I drew him. c:

Nikolaiiii.  He is one of my favorite kids to draw and not my character, so go figure.  He belongs to my friend Sara, who is my idea-sounding-board and who makes wonderful characters.  I like the feet in this drawing, haha.
Regal White and Carrow Kane.  They're Loyalist and Rebel from a comic I'm helping Sara with.  They're cute and fight about politics before they become friends  the end.  I can't draw legs hur dur dur.

This is Ti California/Levi Charlatan.  Ti is a composer.  He is remarkably gay.  He is married to Nikolai, that dreaded kid from above.  They have a cat named Chopin.  This is just some scribbly concept stuff I did after thinking about Ti changing his hair when he got older.  I like the braid more than I thought I would.  Also, continuity/consistency.  Working on that.

We got some lines for Gjerde.  Coloring this both digitally and traditionally.  Apparently he can smoke through his teeth, haha.

This is Vern.  She comes into Gjerde Sha at the veeeery end.